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This page is for my personal opinions and thoughts.


Have you ever had one of those days where you think your head might just explode? Well, that is what my senior year in high school is like. It seems as if I am getting absolutely nothing from this year in high school, and it drives me totally bonkers. Yes, I said bonkers. Every one of my is boring and no challenge to me at all,  I have pretty much stopped trying, and yet I still manage to get good grades. Yeah, try to figure that one out. The only class that I actually want to go to, sometimes, is government. Mainly because I enjoy annoying the other students by loudy speaking my opinions, and I get to write letters to people on government. I have to be polite, but I am able to politely speak my opinions and call the people who run our country morons. *Sigh* Its a gift. 

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