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This is my page. It's why I created this site and where I plan to go with it.

I currently take a graphic comunications course at BOCES, however we have nothing to do. So, I decided to go ahead and see if I can create my own website, which apparently, I can. This is good to start with, however I hope to have a website I designed from scratch with all my own designs, and without a host.

Hopefully it will be something I accomplish in college, or before if I'm lucky. 

This will do for now. I'll update my designs and pictures when I can, and change the site as I learn.  


In the fall of this year (2007) I am going to be attending Alfred University....My first choice college, which I was accepted to!...I am going to major in Fine Arts, and hopefully improve whatever skills I have....And acquire new skills, of course....

Lately it has come to my attention that my site looks like a myspace page and that it is a far cry from feelinf remotely like an adult. Well....I try to make this site the best it can be with my limited rescoures, but, I guess, there are a few thing I can do to make it more professional. 


Any helpful suggestions or hint? email them to me.

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